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We are because we are diverse.
People First Solutions, Solutions First People.


Angad Singh Manchanda

Founder & CEO

Angad has an all-encompassing understanding of creative strategy. He has worked on a plethora of brands spanning across finance, entertainment, hospitality and CSR, providing creative business solutions aided ably by tech, and is the true digital marketing connoisseur. His current focus is on acquiring businesses that cater to various creative demands under Asia’s newest creative services network, Merge Infinity Global.


Lavinn Rajpal

Founder & CEO

Lavinn is an influential speaker and an expert at implementing innovative ideas. With hands-on experience at leading and motivating people in a workflow, his expertise lies in providing creative solutions to businesses in the digital marketing industries. He has long-standing experience working with proficiency in digital strategy, advertising, integrated marketing, and strategic planning areas. His principal focus now is on expanding the global reach and influence of the Merge Infinity network.

With a 50 - 50 gender ratio, we consider our culture to be inclusive, gender neutral and diverse. Over the last decade we
have created an eclectic team of talented professionals from different walks of life, who work together to break
boundaries and create ideas that matter.

Few of our policies that showcase our culture and strength are:

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